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COMING SOON! The ClearZ-Air forced air face shield; Your ultimate personal purified air system! Fear no more. Go out. Get your life back with your own personal filtered air system. Fear of going out? Can’t keep recommended COVID 19 safe distancing? Fear no more! Keep airborne particles away! Get all day filtered fresh clean air anywhere…. The ClearZ-Air forced air face shield is an effective barrier keeping your air clean and clear! Keep droplets out of your eyes and off your face when you can’t socially distance. Travel on a plane, train, or a bus. Eat at restaurants, go grocery shopping, to the movies, school, church, sporting events, or simply go to work with no fear. WHERE TO USE IT:  Crowded Public Spaces  Public Transport (Airplane, Subway, Train, Bus)  School and University Classrooms  Churches and Religious gatherings  Work, Meetings, Offices and Laboratories  Hair Salons & Barbershops  Spas & Gyms  Social Gatherings and Functions  Events and Conferences  Group Recreation and Activities  Restaurants and Bars  Any place where social distancing is not possible.

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